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Making Your Dreams True

Vardhaki aims to bring a singular culture of architectural designing and construction techniques to make your dreams come alive. Whether it is a home, office, or commercial space, we are endowed with the insights and expertise to deliver it perfectly as you envisage it in your mind.

With us, you are welcome to a brand new, exotic world of creatively superior designs, sustainable construction techniques, and technology-aided plans to offer bespoke solutions that you love.

As an add-on, you can either hire us as your primary architectural consultant or your construction partner, or both. We are flexible either way.

Welcome to Vardhaki, where your dreams are made

About Vardhaki and Our Creative Drive

A desire to bring matchless architectural creativity and intelligent construction strategies complemented by sustainable civil engineering techniques to clients is what resulted in the conception of Vardhaki. We know that every client has a unique expectation regarding their project and our mindfulness to offer flexible, tailor-made service solutions as per the clients’ requirements is what makes us rare in the industry. Our services can be availed as a design and architectural consultant for your project. Or, you can hire us comprehensive construction service provider who can offer you a holistic package from architectural consultation, design, and construction, all independently. A client-centric service provider, we bring a wider range of services such as design, approvals, material sourcing, and construction, all under the same roof. We are fortified to render the services individually and as a comprehensive package according to the needs of the clients.

We believe that any construction drive must take into account the requirements of the clients and the unique characteristics of the site where the project is carried out. With every project, we bring a unique sense of awe and architectural splendor with impressive construction philosophies relying on diverse inspirations from around the world. This helps us endow our clients with a singular confluence of contemporary and traditional architecture and construction styles befitting the visions of the clients. We are an atypical team of architects and engineers. For us, our biggest commitment is to the clients and to the environment where we build. With every project that we undertake, we work extensively with our clients learning about their goals, visions, and creative inclinations before we even draw a single line. Once we have a detailed picture of the clients’ dream, we flex our architectural and civil engineering muscles to do the rest. It is based on this practice and brainstorming sessions that we create custom design, architectural, and construction solutions that fall within the constraints of the clients’ budget. Our expertise and insights in the field are leveraged without any bound to transform every project into a civil engineering marvel and architectural work of art.

Vardhaki is led forth under Mr. Harish R. who is a proficient Civil Engineer with a vision to bring alive the dreams of our clients. As the Managing Partner, he shoulders the responsibilities of leading the operations of the business. What makes him an authority in the domain is his unrivaled expertise in the field with over two decades of operational experience in the field of architecture and civil engineering. In a nutshell, he is a true expert in conceptualization, designing, strategizing, and execution of projects as per the requirements of the clients, no matter how stringent the specifications are. As an added advantage, he is a Chartered Engineer who has headed diverse projects in the residential and independent home domains of the industry.

With an unparalleled passion for innovation, creative designs, and environment-friendly, sustainable building strategies, Vardhaki is here to change the landscape of architectural design and construction practices. Having earned our space in the domain as a sought-after player in the construction industry, we take care of our clients, their dreams, and Mother Nature.

Over the years, we have been offering custom solutions and propositions in;

In addition to offering independent architectural, design, and construction services, we also offer all of them under a package that clients can always choose from us. More than everything, what drives us forward is the passion for the field and the opportunities that we get to see the beaming, contented smiles of our clients when they step into their dream homes for the first time. Nothing surpasses that feeling of satisfaction. Ever.

Always Unique Approach

Always Unique Approach

Our major mission is to offer all our clients with affable, yet professional support and guidance with their construction projects. We have a unique approach in building business relationships with our clients and vendors while maintaining them effectively. We go great lengths to provide all the support and help our clients need at all times.

Uncompromised Ethical Practices

Uncompromised Ethical Practices

The honesty and transparency that we maintain throughout our services are our core values. No matter what, we always keep our promises and we don’t ever promise what we can’t deliver. That’s reason every transaction we carry out is transparent and why we are even responsible to reduce the damages inflicted onto the nature in every way possible.
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Unlimited Creative Ideas

Unlimited Creative Ideas

A reliable and experienced construction service provider, our services are emboldened with creative ideas and construction methodologies. Our architects are connoisseurs of impeccable design that you may only imagine. Whether you want to transform a small place or reimagine an entire property as modern, our architecture team will flex their creative muscles for impeccable results.
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Global Benchmarks Standards

Global Benchmarks Standards

With each project that we carry out, we critically evaluate our work to make ourselves better. Hence, we always adhere to the best and world-class construction and architectural standards in all ways possible. Keeping up with the latest trends in the markets and often creating them, we render you the best professional architectural design services for flawless space utilization and an aura of positivity.
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Design and Build – Our Exclusive Service Proposition

Design and Build is an efficient project delivery system that ensures successful project deliverance. Here, a single company is given the entire responsibility of carrying out every aspect related to a project. These tasks include planning, designing and construction, all under the same contract. It ensures effectual flow of work from the beginning till the completion of the project through transparent communication between all the parties involved in the project.

With this, engineers and architects can collaborate their expertise right from the beginning of the project. This will ensure that the designs are better, construction process is efficient, and the overall project is faultlessly executed. With everyone working in tandem with each other’s expertise and capabilities right from the early stages, top-notch and tailored product is the result. Sometimes, a construction issue can be solved through designing and vice versa. For a project to succeed, having the concept of design and construction even from the early stages is really integral. This will ensure creative and innovative blend of ideas for smoother project execution and immense value for investments.

Over the years, Vardhaki has immense expertise in project management. This helps us render all our clients with a single point of contact for efficient project execution and final delivery. Our expertise opens up various options that affords the clients with the time they need and opportunities for effectives dialogues. Such opportunities are imperative for discussions regarding all elements of the project. That’s also why Vardhaki is among the most preferred service providers in the market.

The Design-Build approach of project delivery is the most accepted practice when it comes to home remodeling and construction. As it endows the clients with immense advantages over conventional delivery methods, most clients prefer the same to traditional methods of project delivery.

Our Values that Lead Us Forward

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the go-to and the most preferred independent architectural and civil engineering solutions provider in the chosen market over the years catering to the needed of clients looking to build their dreams.

Our Mission

Our mission is to combine our creative freedom with innovative construction techniques and technology-driven processes with top-notch aesthetic and quality benchmarks regardless of the intricacy and scope of the projects. We also aim to work closely with all our clients understanding their needs from their perspectives to give it a creative makeover driving a collaborative and synergic relationship during the project execution.

Our Quality Policy

n our efforts to bring the best architectural and civil engineering solutions to our clients, we have worked to create a unique, robust, and smart quality policy that helps us persistently meet and often exceed the expectations of the clients. These policies change according to the scope of the project, the client’s requirements, and the nature of the project for the better positively.

Our Business Philosophy

Every design we conceive, every concept realize, and every transaction that we indulge ourselves in are rendered under a strong, effective, and value-adding business philosophy that forms the fundamental foundation of all our efforts.